Growing the citizens of tomorrow - today!

School Staff

Teaching Staff:

Mrs. H. Bates (Deputy Headteacher) 

Mrs. H. Brown

Mr. P. Douse

Mrs. R. Douse

Mrs. J. Garside

Ms. J. Jowitt (0.2 full time)

Mrs. S. Leech

Mrs. A. Shanahan (0.6 full time)

Mrs. H. Williamson


Senior Management Team:

Mrs. S. Tickle (Headteacher)

Mrs. H. Bates (Deputy Headteacher/Assessment Manager )

Mrs. L. Diggle (Bursar)

Mrs. R. Douse (SENCO & TLR Teaching & Learning )

Mrs. H. Williamson (TLR Teaching & Learning & Behaviour )


The following is a list of curriculum / other responsibilities: 

Mrs. S. Tickle: Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mrs. R. Douse: PSHE 

Mrs. H. Williamson:  Maths

Mrs. H. Bates:  Literacy 

Mrs. J. Garside:  Foundation Stage co-ordinator, Art & RE

Mrs. A. Shanahan: Phonics & Geography

Mr. P. Douse: PE, Science & History


Support Staff:

Mrs. M. Mellor

Mrs. P. Gogarty

Mrs. C. Bowd

Mrs. B. Neale

Mrs. J. Campbell (Learning Mentor)

Mrs. S. Heywood, 

Mrs. E. Whalley

Ms. S. Brady

Mrs. R. Goodwin


School Bursar:

Mrs. L. Diggle

Administrative Assistant:

Ms. K. Symcock

Site Manager

Mr. A. Turner



Mrs. L. Keogh

Mrs. L. Chapman

Mrs. D. Howard


Lunchtime Supervisory staff:


Miss E. Carr

Mrs. L. Kay

Mrs. A. Nicholls

Miss. S. Brady

KS1, FS2:

Mrs. E. Heathcote

Mrs. C. McDermott

Mrs. L. Gerrard

Mrs. J. Bruen